What Is a Keto Chaffle?

A keto chaffle is any waffle that is made with a batter of eggs and cheese. The eggs and cheese and lack of flour make it ketogenic and perfect for a ketogenic diet. So, basically, a chaffle is a cheese waffle. You can then take the chaffles and use them like bread (it’s gluten free too!) to make any number of amazing keto snacks and meals.

Click here for the recipe for your basic keto chaffle.

However, in most places outside the keto world, the term chaffle means a chicken waffle, that is, fried chicken with a regular waffle. Obviously, in our case, this is not what we’re talking about, because, as we all know, waffles with flour or sugar are not keto.

You can make a delicious sweet keto waffles, though, by using almond or coconut flour, eggs, and a low-carb sweetener.

Here’s the basics for how to make an extra cheesy keto chaffle.

Here’s our review of best waffle makers for 2019.

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