Bacon Egg & Cheese Chaffle

Equipment needed:

Medium sized mixing bowl

Fork or whisk


Cutting board

Waffle maker


¾ of a cup of shredded chesses (I used a blend of sharp cheddar and mozzarella)

2 egg (scrambled)

3 slices of thin bacon, pre-cooked to where it’s almost crispy (you’re going to cook it a little more in the waffle iron)

A pinch of salt and ¼ teaspoon of pepper


Cut bacon into small pieces. In a medium sized bowl, scramble the egg and mix in the cheese salt and pepper then add the bacon pieces and mix it all together.

Pre-heat your waffle iron, when it’s at the proper cooking temperature open it and pour the mixture into the center of the iron, spreading a little if necessary, to ensure that it’s evenly distributed.

Close your waffle iron and set timer for about 4 minutes and do not open too soon. Let it cook no matter how good it starts to smell. A good rule to follow is that the chaffle is done when the waffle machine stops making steam.

When the time is up, open the waffle iron carefully to be sure it doesn’t all stick to the top. If it does, use a Teflon or other non-metallic spatula to gently pry the Chaffle away from the top and then after you fully open the machine, gently coax the Chaffle from the bottom and onto your plate.

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